"Feeling Queezy?! / Kõhe tunne?!" (Ed. Rebeka Põldsam)


Published on the occasion of the exhibition “Feeling Queezy?! / Kõhe tunne?!” at EKKM, 1.08.–7.09.2014.

Curator: Rebeka Põldsam
Artists: Antonia Baehr, Adam Christensen, Dénes Farkas, Kadi Estland, Danielle Kaganov, Neeme Külm, Jannicke Låker, Maren Poel, Kristin Reiman, Jaanus Samma, Ariel Schlesinger, Laivi, Triin Tamm, Anu Vahtra 

“Feeling Queezy?!” sets out to create a secure environment in which to experiment with overcoming fears, aiming to galvanize the viewer’s aspirations for self-awareness – the base for all emancipation. ‘Queezy’ is a term which combines the words ‘queer’ and ‘queasy’. The exhibition reads this term as the feeling that you are an outsider or a freak, which luckily mostly manifests itself as but a passing queasiness. ‘Queezy’ was originally coined in a 2012 essay by writer Jennifer Boyd. The Feeling Queezy?! reader is a collection of some of the most important contemporary essays concerned with queer theory and art, which have been the theoretical framework and inspiration for this exhibition.

Essays by Jennifer Boyd, Renate Lorenz and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick. Translated to Estonian by Martin Rünk, Ellu Maar, language-edits by Ester Kangur.

exhibition guide / reader
72 pp190 x 255 mm
staple bound
offset printing
in Estonian & English
graphic design: Brit Pavelson