Tanel Rander

artist, curator, writer
e-mail: tanelr@hotmail.com
phone: + 372 56 67 87 29
web: http://chnldr.blogspot.com.ee

1999 – 2005 Institute of Law, University of Tartu, Estonia (MA)
2007 – 2010 Estonian Art Academy, Interdisciplinary arts, Tallinn, Estonia (MA)
Since 2010 Doctoral School of Estonian Art Academy, Art and Design
2011 – 2012 visiting researcher at Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, PCAP
2013 – 2014 visiting researcher at Fundacija Sonda, Maribor, Slovenia. Research topic: “Decolonial Rearticulation of Eastern Europe” (supervised by Kaia Lehari, PhD, Estonian Art Academy; and prof. Marina Grzinic, Vienna Academy of Fine Arts)

2002 – 2009 insurance broker, lawyer and attorney
Since 2002 active in literature (live poetry, text performances), since 2005 active in art 
2014 and 2015 program curator of Y Gallery, Tartu, Estonia
Since 2015 NGO Mooste Külalisstuudio (moks.ee), board member
Since 2016 NGO Sada Paplit, board member

Lecture „Contemporary Art and Decolonial Option“ 14.04.-19.05.2014 Estonian Art Academy
Lecture “East European Art and Decoloniality” 30.01. - 17.04.2017 Estonian Art Academy
Supervisions and reviewing since 2010

14.10.-16.10.11 „The Postcolonial 21st Century: Central Europe and Beyond - A seminar with David Chioni Moore and Vit Havranek“; tranzit.hu gallery, Budapest „An attempt to use alternative geography to explore narratives and space (Sherif el Azma)“; tranzit.hu gallery, Budapest, Hungary 06.-12.01.13. „Munich City Lab“, Global City-Local City, Munchen
09.07. – 23.07.12 „The New World (Dis) Order and the Challenge of Social Justce: Ethics and the Decolonial Opton, (Walter Mignolo, Rolando Vazquez)“; Roosevelt Academy, Utrecht Summer School, Middelburg
May 2013: "Decolonizing Cold War", Black Europe Body Politics; Berlin
March 2014: „Open Modes—(Un)learning Contemporary Art“, Forum Stadtpark, Graz, Austria

15.05.-15.06.2015 Guest Room Maribor, Slovenia
18.04.-15.06.2016 FKSE & Amadeus, Budapest, Hungary

“Will East Europe Survive the West?”, Fundacija Sonda, Maribor, February 2013
“No Borders – No Difference?“, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Estonia, May 2013
“Semiosphere and Coloniality”, Semiosalong, Von Krahl Theatre, Tallinn, May 2013
“East Europe in Neoliberal Reality and the Decolonial Option“, symposium "Revisiting Footnotes", Latvian Centre for Contemporary Arts, Riga, May 2013
“Subjectivity + Context = Coloniality”, Autumn School of Semiotics, Mooste, Estonia, November 2013 “Three Displays of Eastern Europe”, lecture in LCCA (Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art), January 2015
“Unlearning Eastern Europe”, presentation with Magdalena Radomska, PhD, in LCCA, January 2015
“Body, Geopolitics and Decolonial Rearticulation”, 28.04.2015 at conference “Postcolonial and Postsocialist Dialogues: Intersections, Opacites, Challenges in Feminist Theorizing and Practice”, Linkoping University
“Paper Tigers on the Frontline East”, 01.06.2015 at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. In collaboration with Rapolas Valiukevicius.
“From Decapitation to Capital and Vice Versa”, 13.06.2015 at GT22, Maribor. In collaboration with Kaja Kraner.
“From Nostalgia to Re-politcizaton and resistance”, 12.09.2015, at conference “Communist Nostalgia”, University of Glasgow
“Who Owns My Subjectvity?”, 31.05.2016, FKSE Project Space, Budapest

2010 „Geneesia“, East Creatve Space, Tallinn (MA work in EAA)
2012 “Decolonize This”, Y Gallery, Tartu
2013 “No Borders – No Diference?”, TKL, Tartu
2015 “The Frontline East”, LCCA, Riga
2016 - “Third Way”, Tallinn City Gallery

2009 and 2010 „Une Femme est une femme“, SooSoo Gallery, Tallinn; Vyner Street Gallery, London, UK, 2010 (Maria Ader and chaneldior)
2010 „Uriaadi lopp“, Y-Gallery, Tartu (Erkki Luuk and c:)
2010 „Kesktalvine hnot“, Tallinn City Gallery, Tallinn, 2010 (Erkki Luuk and c:) 

“1 reality, 1 error“, curated by Kiwa, Vaal Gallery, Tallinn, 2008
“Hare Christmas, Hare Weihnachten”, Y-Gallery, Tartu, 2008
“Behind the Memory“, Pärnu Concert Hall, In Graafika Festival, 2008
“Painting in Process“, curated by Eha Komissarov, Estonian Art Museum (KUMU), Tallinn 2010
“HUH? PHOOEY! ACK! OH! WOW! Classics of Estonian Contemporary Art“, curated by Rael Artel, Tartu Art Museum, Art Ist Kuku Nu Ut Festival, Tartu, 2012
Artishok Biennale III, curated by Liisa Kaljula, Museum of Contemporary Art, Estonia, Tallinn, 2012
“Archaeology and the Future of Estonian Art Scenes“, Estonian Art Museum (KUMU), Tallinn, 2012
“Prada Pravda“, exhibition of the contemporary art festival ART IST KUKU NU UT, Tartu, 2013 “(re)Construction of Friendship“, Corner (KGB) house on Brivibas street, curated by: Inese Baranovska and Æsa Sigurjonsdotr (Iceland), Inga Lace, Karlis Verpe and Kitja Vasiljeva, Riga, 2014
Artishok Biennale IV, curated by Indrek Grigor and Šelda Pukite, Mukusala Art Salon, Riga, 2014
“Kohatu”, curated by Marten Esko and Anders Härm, traveling exhibition of EKKM, in Kuressaare, Rapla, Valga, Kunda, Elva; Estonia 2014-2016
“City of Dreams. Text Art in Tartu 2002–2015”, curated by Kaisa Eiche, Tartu Art Museum, 2015
“Köler Prize 2015. Exhibition of nominees.”, curated by Anders Härm, Contemporary Art Museum, Estonia, Tallinn, 2015
“The Earthbound”, curated by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, Cannonball, Miami, 2015
“Lost in the Archive”, curated by Inga Lace and Andra Silapetere, Riga Art Space, Riga, 2016
"Identity. Behind the Curtain of Uncertainty", Baltic, Nordic and Ukrainian contemporary art exhibition, curated by Solvita Krese, in National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev, 19.03 - 22.05. 2016
“Reflexion: a look inside/from within”, curated by Evi Pärn, Russian Museum, Tallinn, 2015; and Narva College, 2016 “EXTENSION.EE. Reflexion: look inside/from within. Vol. III”, curated by Evi Pärn, Triumph Gallery, Moscow, 2015
“Rocky Landscape. Exhibition in a Suitcase”, curated by Aneta Rostkowska Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art, Krakow, 2016

“NO FUR”, Eclectica 2005, Tartu; Plektrum 2005, Tallinn (collaboration with Kiwa, Maria Ader)
“Tammeöö”, Tartu Art Month 2009, Culture Factory, Tartu (collaboration with Erkki Luuk)
“Cycle”, Seanahk Festival, Haapsalu, 2009
“The way of a tree”, NU Performance Festival, Tallinn, 2009 (collaboration with Erkki Luuk)
“Absolution”, exhibition „Absolution“ by Epp Kubu, Eva Labotkin, Tanel Rander (in collaboration with Roomet Jakapi), 2010, Tallinn
“Unttled”, Hullunud Tartu Festival, Tartu, 2010 (in collaboration with Kaisa Eiche)
“Human Forestry”, Performance Compost, Kiasma, Helsinki, October 2012; performance/intervention in collaboraton with 10x10m artst group. 
“Turnigurh” performance series, part of exhibition „The Afterlife of Gardens“, curated by Eha Komissarov, KUMU, Tallinn, 2013 (in collaboraton with Erkki Luuk)
“Man Overboard”, performance, August DanceFestival, Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn, August 2013, performance in collaboraton with 10x10m artist group. 
“Oh My God”, theatre performance, Von Krahl Theatre, directed by Karl Saks, Hendrik Kaljujärv and Tanel Rander; actors: Liis Lindmaa, Mari Pokinen, Ragne Veensalu, Loore Martma, Ivo Reinok, Madis Mäeorg, Tonis Niinemets; Tallinn, 2013

“Humane Poog”, urban expedition, Tartu Art Month, Tartu, 2009, in collaboration with Erkki Luuk, with eksp movement of Tartu
“Tartu Trash”, curatorial project, Ferrodrum Gallery, Tartu, 2009 “Käkimae kägu”, landscape expedition and seminary in the Museum of Juhan Liiv, Alatskivi, Estonia, 2009, with eksp movement of Tartu
“Emajõe eksp”, expedition on river Emajõgi, Festival Eclectica, Tartu, 2010, with eksp movement of Tartu
“Invisible Walls”, collective landscape expedition in Austria-Slovakia border region, 2012, with Joshua Jacobson, Marek Mäemets, Laura Põld, Benedikt Novotny, Dario Wokurka, Tiina Sööt, Tanel Rander
“Landscape and Coloniality”, seminar in Tartu Art Museum, November 2013
Symposium „East/West/Third option?“, Transnational Guerilla Art School, Kino Udarnik, Maribor, Slovenia, 21. - 23.03.14, with Andrej Kurnik, Ivan Jurica, Miha Horvat, Vesna Vuk Godina
Exhibition program of 2014 and 2015 of Y Gallery, Tartu
“Waiting for the Gray Ship”, group exhibition with Anna Hints, Jass Kaselaan, Karolina Kubik, Evi Pärn, Kriss Salmanis, Eva Sepping, Toomas Thetlof, Maria Vous; Y Gallery, Tartu; 15.10. - 09.11.14
“How to Read in the Dark”, Artists' Association of Lapland, 25th anniversary exhibition (Joensuu Art Museum – Tartu Art House – Grimmuseum, Berlin), 2015.
“Promised Light”, group exhibition in Noorus Gallery, Tartu Art house; Tartu in Light Festival 2016
100 poplars – curatorial and collective research project in Valga/Valka, Estonia and Latvia, 2017-2018

„Kontrolli alt väljas“ („Out of Control“), novel by chaneldior (Tanel Rander), published by Ji, 2008
„Tammeöö“ („Oak Night“), book by Erkki Luuk and c: (Tanel Rander), published by Tammeöö, 2012
“Archives in Visual Culture and Theory”, text collection, edited by Margaret Tali and Tanel Rander, PhD, published by Estonian Art Academy, 2016

Text contribution to „Mitte-Tartu“ („Non-Tartu“), collection of texts, edited by Sven Vabar, published by Topofon, 2012
Text contribution to „Anthology of Non-Existent Books", collection of texts, edited by Kiwa, published by Paranoia, 2014
Contribution to “Entry Points. Stories of the Leaning House”, book published in conjunction with the exhibition ”Archeological Festival – 2nd hand history and improbable obsessions” at Tartu Art Museum, curated by Maria Arusoo, 2014
Contributon to “Revisiting Footnotes”, published by LCCA, Riga, Latvia in 2015
Essay “How to Remember Soros-realism”, contribution to “Lost in the Archive” exhibition catalogue, published by LCCA, Riga, Latvia in 2016; and Latvian version to satori.lv
Essay “Time for a Dream”, contribution to “Identity. Behind the Curtain of Uncertainty” exhibition catalogue, published by LCCA, Riga, Latvia in 2016