Sandra Jõgeva

Sandra Jogeva (1976) is an Estonian artist, writer and a curator. She has been running the independent art space Art Container in Culture Factory Polymer together with Tanel Saar and Erik Alalooga since April 2007. She is a founding member of artist groups Avangard (2000-2006) and Pink Punk (2003-2007). Sandra Jogeva has performed and exhibited in USA, New Zealand and many European countries. She has published a collection of short stories in Estonian in 2008 and is constantly publishing art criticism and essays in Estonian press. Sandra Jogeva has won a Betti Alver prize for her debut in literature in 2009 and a prize of Estonian Endowment of Culture in 2004. Sandra Jogeva runs a series of literature events in Art Container since the Summer of 2008. She has graduated from Estonian Academy of Arts, getting her BA in painting and MA in interdisciplinary arts. She has been recently working in the fields of sculpture and installation, creating the headless bodies of large women made out of gelatine and other objects made of silicone, latex and caramel, experimenting with different nontraditional materials. Her art has been associated with gender issues and she has used her real life experience as a dominatrix in her art works. Her most recent solo show was in a gallery called Grace Space in Brooklyn, New York in June 2009 and her recent curatorial projects include an international group show titled Animal Collective in Tallinn Art Hall in March 2009 and New Age in Parnu Artists` House in March 2010. Since October 2010 she has been hosting a monthly TV show about art called Kultuuritehas at Tallinn TV station. Since March 2011 Sandra Jõgeva has been writing and performing text based pieces, stand up tragedies as she calls them. Her stand up tragedies so far have included topics such as her hypochondria and advice from her artist mother, how to succeed in an art world as a female artist. She has also worn special conceptual costumes on stage that add to the topic of a particular stand up tragedy and has included special effects such as fireworks. ”Untitled” deals with the essential differences between the stand up comedy and stand up tragedy as genres and includes both changing costumes on stage and some other elements that differ from a usually simple presence of a stand up comedian.