PRESS RELEASE - Simon Dronet, Dexter Dymoke, Marko Maetamm exhibition „Nouvelles Vagues & Other Hunting Stories“, Gallery Nettie Horn, London, 24.06.2011 – 07.08.2011

Nouvelles vagues & other hunting stories emphasizes the idea of fictional realism which unites these artists in their playful approach to presenting themsleves in a number of mise-en-scenes, initiating a dialogue between the self and the exterior world. Flirting inexorably with his own reality, Marko Mäetamm points to his status as an artist by exposing the frustrations generated by his obligations to his familial and professional commitments. Simon Dronet, on the other hand, portrays and dissects our environment through the eye of a generation who grew up in an age of media and cyber technologies and by parodying cultural clichés. In a practice where the everyday is articulated through impulsive interventions, Dexter Dymoke manipulates familiar materials and objects to generate responsive micro-fictions and multi-layered interpretations.

Tinted by a deep sense of humour and auto-derision, these “masters of the fictionalisation of the everyday” playfully expose, with a sharp and unashamed eye, the quirks, sheer madness and other weaknesses constituting the human condition and delve into a playful questioning of the notion of identity. These artists’ pluri-disciplinary and experimental practices evolve into a number of stories presenting a "zoomed- in" view of our contemporary life and personal angst.