Kristina Norman

Born in Tallinn in 1979
Lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia


2010 Estonian Academy of Arts, MA
1998–2003 Estonian Academy of Arts, BA, printmaking
1992–1996 Tallinn Art School

Work experience

1997–2008 Tallinn Art School, teacher

Solo exhibitions

2010 We Are Not Alone In The Universe, Turku Art Museum, Turku
2010 We Are Not Alone In The Universe, Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn
2009 After-War, Estonian pavilion at the 53rd International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, Palazzo Malipiero, San Marco 3079, Venezia
2006 Pribalts, Arrivals>Art from the New Europe, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford
2005 The Sleepwalkers, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn
2004 The Mysterious Radio, Deco Gallery, Tallinn

Selected public presentations

2009 The Creative Time Summit, NY, USA
2009 IKT congress 2009 – Helsinki/Tallinn 23-26 April 2009

Selected group exhibitions

2010 Confrontations and Provocations. A Perspective on Estonian Art. Museum of Contemporary Art, Szczecin
2010 It's A Set-Up, museum's collection exhibition, Kiasma Art Museum, Helsinki
2010 Others. Le biennali d'arte di Marrakech Istanbul Atene a Palermo e Catania. Riso, museo d'arte contemporanea della Sicilia, Sicilia
2010 International Sculpture Biennale of Carrara, Carrara
2010 What Drives Baltic, gallery Supernova, Riga
2010 Gongoozler, Grand Union, Birmingham
2009 3rd AIM International Biennale Festival Marrakesh, Marrakesh
2009 Reimagining October, gallery Calvert 22, London
2009 Baltic X Triennial of International Art (curated by Kestutis Kuizinas, Ann Demeester), Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Vilnius
2009 Saison Video, Renewal (curated by Mo Gourmelon), Tourcoing, Lille
2009 Happy Together (curated by Minna Hendriksson, Mika Hannula), Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn, Estonia 
2008 Dilemmas: Artists and the Idea of the Nation (curated by Rael Artel), CEC ArtsLink, New York
2008 Estonian culture days, National Center For Contemporary Art, Moscow
2008 Friction and Conflict, Kalmar Konstmuseum, Kalmar
2008 Arkhangelsk Art Night, Arkhangelsk
2008 L’Art en Europe, Maison Pommery, Reims
2008 When Things Cast No Shadow, 5th berlin biennial for contemporary art (curated by Adam Szymczyk, Elena Filipovic), Berlin
2008 Plaisirs de l’imagination, Chateau de Tours, Tours
2008 AgitPop (curated by John Sinclair), LondonPrintStudio Gallery, London
2008 Is this the Estonia we wanted? (curated by Rael Artel), Rael Artel Gallery, Tartu
2008 Satellite Tunes – Art from the Post Soviet States (curator Eszter Lázár), Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest
2007 Viva Estonia (curated by Karolina Labowich-Dymanus), Torun
2007 The Biennale of Young Artists, Tallinn 2007: Consequences and Proposals (curated by Rael Artel, Anneli Porri), Rüütelkonna building, Tallinn
2007 Ich war hier. Künstlerinnen und Künstler aus Estland (curated by Hanno Soans), Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin
2007 Backwards Blues (curated by Johannes Saar), National Center For Contemporary Art, Moscow
2007 New Wave: Estonian Artists of the 21st Century (curated by Anders Härm, Hanno Soans), Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn,
2006 KKK (premier of the video documentary "The Pribalts"), Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn
2006 KKK - Exhibition of political art (curated by Anders Härm), Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn
2005  KKK - Exhibition of political art (curated by Marco Laimre), Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn
2005 New Estonian Art (curated by Anneli Porri), Võru Cultural Center Kannel, Võru
2005 Suprealism (curated by Leo Lapin), Estonian National Defence Academy, Tallinn
2004 Intimate Views, Art Summer (curated by Anneli Porri), Narva
2003 BA Graduation Exhibition of the Estonian Academy of Arts, Rotermann's Salt Storage, Tallinn
2002 Jury exhibition of drawings, Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn
2001 Altar, Estonian Museum of Energetics, Tallinn
2001 Low Tech, Estonian kinetic art exhibition, Zebra Gallery, Tartu


"A Monument To Please Everyone", documentary, 87 min, 2011
"We Are Not Alone In The Universe", documentary, 11 min, 2010 
"Monolith", experimental documentary, 15 min, 2007
"The Pribalts", experimental documentary, 58 min, 2006
"The Field of Genius", mocumentary, 18 min, 2003

Selected publications

Kristina Norman, “After-War”. Publication accompanying “After-War” exhibition in the Estonian pavilion at the 53rd International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia. Contains text contributions by Marco Laimre, Alexander Astrov, Andres Kurg, Airi Triisberg and Kristina Norman. Illustrated by Kristina Norman, Marco Laimre.

Kristina Norman, “The Field of Genius / Geniaalsuse väli / Das Geniale Feld”. An artist’s book, limited edition of 500 copies, published by A Prior Magazine as a part of “On Paper”, a special collaborative project between 5th biennial for contemporary art 2008 and A Prior Magazine.


"Monolith", first prize of the Goethe Institut international film competition "All human beings are born free and equal...", 2007
"The Pribalts", Grand Prix of the Fideo ja Vilmi Festival, Pärnu, Estonia, 2006


“Monolith”, Kyiv International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, 2008
“Monolith”, Munich International Festival Of Film Schools (in competition program, nominated in the category of intercultural dialogs), 2007

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