CATALOGUE - Anders Härm & Hanno Soans, Johnson and Johnson, You Need It Every Day, 2006 / Murder During The Striptease, 2006 – New Wave: Estonian artists of the 21st century (no. 1). Winter 2007 [Exhibition]. Tallinn, 2008

“You Need It Every Day” is a „take away installation“ carried out in the spirit of relational Aesthetics. It consists of souvenir badges made out of the scoop titles of „SL Õhtuleht“, the local equivalent to „The Sun“ in Great Britain. Torn away from their initial contextual and „laundered“ from the yellow press scandalism revealed in the stories they stood for outside the press context one can clearly get their essential „sensationality“. We will se how in every a way they newspaper has tried to add up sensationalism, creating a titles which now out of their original context resemble some strange dadaesque poetics.
As a continuation to the piece on badges, the artists took the newspaper itself, borrowing its layout and stylistics but replaced the content with Hakim Bey's legendary text on counterculture. After printing their issue they also approached the newspaper with a request to publish it as an appendix to the „SL Õhtuleht“. As a reaction they got an order to destroy the issue with a threat of a courtcase if the orders were not followed.
“Murder During the Striptease” is a documentary based on a news chosen from „SL Õhtuleht“ with a title “Murder During the Striptease”, according to which the snake of a male stripper Marko was claimed to be killed during a private performance to a group of ladies in the countryside. The artists take with them the paper responsible for the news, and the stripper Marko and drive to the place where it all happed to reconstruct the event as it really was. The absurdity of the situation, the stripper more than seriously acting out with a belt the whole routine and the moment when the snake went missing, meanwhile seriously criticising the girls patnering him in the strip act was based on a contradiction with the testimony of an old lady also living in the house. By observing the stripper so very much enjoying the camera time it seems more and more to be the case that the whole story is a fiction from the very beginning, strippers helpless and pitysome attempt to get some media attention. /.../

“Sa vajad seda iga päev” on “take away” installatsioon suhestuva esteetika vaimus ning koosneb SL Õhtulehe pealkirjadest löödud märkidest. Oma algsest kontekstist irrutatuna ning kollasest sisust “puhtaks pestuna” avaldub aga paradoksaalsel kombel eriti selgelt
nende tegelikkust “sensatsioneeriv” loomus. Näeme mismoodi iga hinna eest on üritatud uudist apetiitsemaks muuta, luues pealkirju, mis nüüd jaburate ja irdsetena mõjuvad paiguti poeetiliseltki. 
Jätkuna märkide tööle võtsid kunstnikud ette ajalehe enda, laenates selle kujunduse, kuid asendades selle sisu Hakim Bay legendaarse tekstiga uue vastupanukultuuri vajalikkusest. Kunstnikud üritasid lehte ka päris “SL Õhtulehe” vahel välja anda. Katse päädis lehepoolse käsuga tiraaž hävitada ning käsu mittetäitmise korral nad kohtusse kaevata.
“Mõrv striptiisi ajal” on dokumentaalfilm, mille aluseks on üks “SL Õhtulehe” uudis pealkirjaga “Mõrv striptiisi ajal”, kus kaugesse maanurka esinema kutsutud meesstrippari
Marko madu etenduse ajal väidetavalt tapeti. Kunstnikud võtavad kaasa uudist vahendanud ajakirjaniku, kõnealuse strippari ning sõidavad sündmuskohta, et sündmused seal täielikult rekonstrueerida. Pikapeale hakkab selguma, et kogu uudis oli tõenäoliselt juba algusest peale fiktsioon, strippari abitu katse endale meedias tähelepanu tõmmata.