CRITICISM - Andreas Trossek. Symphony of incapacity, or The time of small people. KUNST.EE 2010, 3-4, 78–79

Let’s first ask what the technical side of these works is like and how they have been executed? It is somewhat complicated to answer that question. Farkas photographs miniature paper models of chairs, tables, couches and other man-made objects while using the same lighting and colour scheme. He crafts the tiny paper models himself and creates a spatial mise-en-scène, but this is only the beginning of the process – and even photographing it, naming the scene or writing a preface to the work does not bring it to an end. For example, in his solo show of 2007, he presents a wooden pallet on top of which he has piled hundreds of A4 printouts – those ‘leaflets’ with cryptic-critical messages are also ‘works of art’ meant to be taken home by the visitors. The same motif of the paper miniature or model could also be seen in his solo show of 2009, where small Polaroid-sized photographs hanging on the wall generated a momentary feeling with their form, opposing thus the timelessness evoked by the symbolic models depicted in them. From there he arrived at large light boxes that have been exhibited in many venues – and that play with the same paper model motif. Eventually, we get to his solo show of 2010 and its book with ‘empty’ covers – with only an explanation ‘first revised edition’. Things have come full circle here, it seems. /…/